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2007/11/01(四)- Low Price Promotion!!!
Here's the best promotion ever!!!
Please check it out:

Promotion period:~Nov 31,2007
Junior Suite/NT$1600
Classic Suite/NT$1800
Elegant Suite/NT$2000
Deluxe Suite/ NT$2200
Luxury Doubles/NT$2400
Luxury Suite for Four/NT$2600

P.S.This special promotion only provides overnight stayings,breakfast not included.
Special promotion,only 6 rooms available daily,welcome to make your reservation.
P.S.Additional NT$500 charge for weekends
P.S.This promotion does not accept credit card payments,sorry for any inconvenience.

2007/09/11(二)- Full Amount remittance Special
The best accommodation promotion ever: only available for tenants who
make full amount remittance~ The most valuable promotion to choose (
1 from 3 choices),3 days 2 night accommodation only costs NT$3600.

Promotion period: ~31 Dec, 2007
Accommodation rate:Junior Suite NT$3,600

How to enjoy this promoition:
1.Call in to make your reservation and pay the full amount of rate through
2.Choose 1 of the following 3 offers:
1. Same room for extra day of staying. Or
2. Additional Junior Suite booking for the same day of check-in.
3. Additional NT$500 to stay on the weekends.

P.S. Please make your choice at the time of reservation and please note
that only one promotion could be chosen.

Promotion includes:
1.1 night Junior Suite accommodation
2. Breakfast for two
3.Special offer (1 out of 3 choices)
4. 10% discount coupon for Yi-Lan Cake Co.
5. Newspaper (Chinese)
6. Free parking and internet (CityHotel provides cable)
7. Free Township Tour Bus.

2007/09/11(二)- Tai-Ping Moutain Eco-trip
After busy working for the whole week, don’t you want to relax and stay
away from all the pressure and work? Come to Yi-lan and enjoy
everything nature offers us. Tai-Ping Mt. has the best hot spring, the most
challenging hiking trail, outdoor Spa area, unique volcano-style egg
cooking basin, etc.
The National Hemlock Hiking Trail is the best choice for hiking and
There’s also the fun and exciting bumper car and the only one National
Bee Exhibition to go during your trip. All these, could only be found in Luo-
Dong CityHotel and Tai-Ping Mt.

Trip to Tai-Ping Mt. opens all year round.
(At least 4 people necessary)

Luxury Suite for Four:
Weekdays: NT$9900; Weekends: NT$11000。
Additional person: Adult:NT$1400 /Child: NT$1200 (Kids under age of
12)/Infant(under age of 3):NT$300。
Junior Suite:
Weekdays: NT$5900; Weekends: NT$6900。
P.S. At least 2 room reservation at once.
Promotion includes:
1. One night accommodation.
2. Breakfast (provided according to room type)
3. Transportation and tour guide.
4. Fare to Tai-Ping Mt. Park.
5. Lunch(Provided according to the number of participants)
6. 10% discount coupon for Yi-Lan Cake Co.
7. Newspaper (Chinese)
8. Free parking and internet (CityHotel provides cable)
9. Free Township Tour Bus.

2007/09/11(二)- Relaxation Thai Style Trip
Are you longing for a vacation to Thailand?Now, you can experience the
same exotic atmosphere and massage of Thai once you come to Yi-Lan.
Let Thai traditional massage loosen you up and come to relax your body,
mind, and soul. All you have to do is stay at CityHotel, you can thenenjoy
the most professional Thai Massage at Dikafu Thailand Massage Spa
Promotion period: ~31 Oct, 2007
Junior Suite/NT$3300
Classic Executive Suite/NT$3600
Elegant Executive Suite/NT$3700
Deluxe Executive Suite/NT$3900
Luxury Doubles Suite/NT$4200

PS: This promotion is only available for weekdays
Additional NT$500 will be applied for weekends.
Promotion includes:
1. Breakfast (provided according to the room types)
2. 10% discount coupon for Yi-Lan Cake Co.
3. Newspaper (Chinese)
4. Free parking and internet (CityHotel provides the cable)
5. Free Township tour bus.
6. One hour Dikafu Thai Style Massage per person.

(Dikafu Homepage:http://dikafu.399.com.tw/)

2007/09/11(二)- Train Trip without Restrain
Are you tired of the traffic and the crowd? If yes, here’s the good news.
Long-Tong CityHotel, located in the central downtown area, is only five
minutes away from the train station and two minutes away from Long-
Tong night market. If you prefer to take the train for a little getaway,
CityHotel is definitely your best choice. Cityhotel not only provides you the
best facility, most friendly service and quality living space, we also give
you the best discount. Just show your train ticket stub when you check in,
we’ll give you another NT$100 off.
Hurry up and make your room reservation!
P.S. This promotion is only available through phone reservation, please
call 03-9530111.
◎Special promotion, only 6 rooms available every day.
◎Maximum NT$100 off per room.
◎Applicable for both weekdays and weekends.
◎Taxes and service charge included. Not to be combined with other